Victor J. Krebs

Miembro ordinario

Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame, United States. He is a Full Professor in the Department of Humanities at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. He has published articles and essays on the philosophy of Wittgenstein, Stanley Cavell, technology, cinema, aesthetics and culture in specialized journals. Currently, his research revolves around psychoanalysis and the digital revolution. He is the author of Del Alma y El Arte: Reflexiones sobre la cultura, la imagen y la memoria (1998), La recuperación del sentido: Wittgenstein, la filosofía y lo transcendente (2008) and La imaginación pornográfica. Against Skepticism in Culture (2014), and co-editor (with William Day) of Seeing Wittgenstein Anew (Cambridge University Press, 2010). In 2022 he published (with Richard Frankel) Human Virtuality and Digital Life. Philosophical and Psychoanalytic Investigations (Routledge) (Recipient of the NAPP’s Gradiva (2022), APSA’s “Courage to Dream Book Prize, 2023”). He is currently composing (with Richard Frankel) Dreaming in the Digital Age. He is a philosophical curator, founder of the Jungian Circle of Perú, Coordinator of the Latinamerican Posthuman Network and of Hermes, a Contemporary Philosophy research group of the Center of Philosophical Studies at PUCP.

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