Philosophy and Social Change: Contributions to a Critical Theory of Society and Politics.

Gianfranco Casuso(editor)
Lima: Fondo Editorial PUCP, 2022

This book offers Spanish-speaking audiences a representative sample of what has undoubtedly become an indispensable reference for anyone who wants to initiate or deepen their understanding of the central aspects that define the tasks, concepts, and methodology of the Frankfurt School.

The diversity of the works in this volume is expressed not only in the thematic diversity that is characteristic of critical theory since its origins, but also in the multiple perspectives that allow for new answers to old problems of social and political philosophy, as well as shedding light on many of the previously hidden aspects of social situations that affect individuals in a heterogeneous manner. In this way, these situations can be critically assumed as problematic and susceptible to transformation.


Ciro Alegría Varona

Amy Allen

Gianfranco Casuso

Robin Celikates

Rainer Forst

Miguel Giusti

Jonathan Havercroft

Axel Honneth

Rahel Jaeggi

Cristina Lafont

David Owen

Martin Saar

Christopher Zurn