What should be the beginning of science? On the relevance of logic for philosophy according to Hegel

Miguel Giusti, Claudia Aponte, Carlos Schoof, Josimar Castilla(editores)
Porto Alegre: Editora Fundação Fênix, 2022

The Hegel Research Group on the Current State of Thought at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru organized an international seminar in April 2022 dedicated to reflecting on the relevance of logic for philosophy from a Hegelian perspective. Their aim was to discuss the inevitable problem of epistemological foundations or categorical systems that predetermine our understanding of reality, whether in a general or intradisciplinary sense. The title of the book evokes the central, stimulating, and decisive question that Hegel formulates at the beginning of his Science of Logic: “(What should be the beginning of science? [Womit muss der Anfang der Wissenschaft gemacht werden?])”. This digital volume, available free of charge, makes the reflections of this first international seminar available to readers.

199 p.

ISBN 978-65-81110-93-2

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36592/9786581110932