Relevance of Hegel’s Thought Today

Miguel Giusti(editor)
Barcelona: Herder, 2022

Hegel’s thought remains highly relevant more than 250 years after his birth. His work still arouses widespread interest today. With the purpose of deciphering the causes and forms of manifestation of the current relevance of his thought, a group of philosophers from different parts of the world, especially from Latin America, was convened.

The question actually contains a suggestive ambivalence that has been taken advantage of in the conception of this volume. On the one hand, current relevance refers to the themes or reasons why Hegel’s thought may be relevant in contemporary debates or in better understanding the problems of our society. But on the other hand, current relevance also designates a very peculiar trait that, according to Hegel, philosophy as such should have. This trait consists in that philosophy should always be the comprehension of its own epoch in thought. This double meaning of the term “current relevance” serves as the general framework for the essays gathered here.