IX Critical Theory Conference / IV Ibero-American Symposium on Critical Theory: The Construction of Critique. Counterpublics, Social Movements, and Political Experimentation.

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  • Auditorio de Estudios Generales Letras, campus PUCP

Since 2014, the Critical Theory Research Group of PUCP has been organizing the Critical Theory Conferences in Lima. Its main objective is to create spaces for academic exchange and discussion among researchers from different disciplines and parts of the world, who are interested in the analysis of social critique processes, citizenship construction, as well as human freedom and emancipation. The conferences also aim to connect academic activity with civil society, drawing on and conceptually informing different political, economic, social, and cultural experiences in Latin America and the world.

This year, in the same spirit, the conference will coincide with the fourth edition of the Ibero-American Symposium on Critical Theory, and will be dedicated to the study of public deliberation and critique of capitalism, mainly in the fields of social and political philosophy, philosophy of economics, epistemology, and social sciences in general. This collective contribution will be made through the use of philosophical-conceptual tools in close collaboration with political and social sciences, which will provide the informational basis for a systematization of normative motivations that nourish various citizen movements and initiatives associated with the struggle for increased democratic participation and economic transformations.

Hartmut Rosa (Germany)
María Pía Lara (Mexico)
César Ortega-Esquembre (Spain)
Mauro Basaure (Chile)
Darío Montero (Chile)
Gustavo Robles (Argentina)
Ramón Feenstra (Spain)
Gianfranco Casuso (Peru)
Pepi Patrón (Peru)
José Carlos Orihuela (Peru)

IX Jornadas sobre teoría crítica

The Construction of Critique