Current state of Hegel’s thought

The Spanish Society for Studies on Hegel invites you to the Bibliographic Seminar on the book “Current State of Hegel’s Thought,” edited by Miguel Giusti, on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, at 12:00 PM (Peru, Colombia) / 7:00 PM (Spain) / 11:00 AM (Mexico) / 2:00 PM (Argentina, Brazil). Speakers: María del Carmen Paredes, Raimund Herder, and Luis Eduardo Gama.

The Night of Philosophy 2023

Book presentation

“The Perpetual Crisis: Reflections on the Bicentennial and Low Politics” by Gonzalo Gamio

Victor J. Krebs has been awarded two prizes for his book “Human Virtuality and Digital Life”

Interview cycle with philosophers on the “No hay derecho” program of Ideele Radio

Center for Philosophical Studies – PUCP

As a unit attached to the Academic Department of Humanities, our purpose is to coordinate, promote, and disseminate philosophical research activities.